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Partnering organization: Lost Artists Collective

Featured Designer and/or Artist



Artist Statement

With artworks in collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, Nancy Wanchik is a professional artist specializing in mixed media collages using newspaper, tissue paper, watercolor, and ink.  She is based in the Metro-Detroit area and is influenced by Detroit’s vibrant fine, street and graffiti art scenes.  “I want my artwork to talk to you, for you to create a story around it.  Throughout the years, I have used various art methods and mediums, but once I discovered newspaper collage in 2017, I saw how perfectly it communicates emotions and visual poetry.  Now I can’t look at a newspaper without imagining the art within its pages.  I hope you will identify with them and find your story. I always consider my biggest accomplishments to be when collectors write to me how much they love and connect with the piece they purchased. It’s humbling and rewarding.” Wanchik is always exploring new ways to express her art and finding new directions for you to find your stories within them


Medium :Mixed media 

Size:22" h x 28" w

Circa: 2020


Note: Nancy has committed a portion of the proceeds go back to MM-O-DD for youth programming.

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