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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Edutainment, Design

MM-O-DD provides design dares, design discussions, debates, dialogs, documentation, destinations and edutainment chats, portfolio reveals, behind the scene sneak peeks, visiting on-line collections, social salons, insiders expertise, networking opportunities, prototype testing and more. Design impacts our everyday lives personally and/or professionally. 

MM-O-DD reveals the past, explores the current and deep-dives into the future of Design and related fields. We engage and value all ages to ignite an Ah-Ha spark leading to awareness of design history, mind-set shift for more intelligent resource selections or boost towards talent traction and future career choice.  


MM-O-DD will highlight the people in the Design Industry, who may have traditional education yet others have self-taught or generational trade skills being passed along, each a valued asset in all facets of Design. Our Detroit location houses the permanent collection and hosts revolving visiting exhibitions.. The mobile culture remaining as we add the exhibitions which will include revolving permanent and traveling on-loan collections, including historical and currently important pieces which represent various facets of Design. Many of the selected items will be privately owned, while others will be co-curated with renown, community entities. The experiential  interactive installations engage people of all ages, by exposing them to classic and innovative Design genres, platforms and principles.

MM-O-DD programming spans opportunities to engage with historically significant and currently relevant people, objects and concepts. This platform includes extensive relationships, collaborations and partnerships with local, regional, national and international connections.

MM-O-DD welcomes all people of all ages and supports the multi-faceted industry, casting a wide net to include the history, current applications and insight into future concepts

For centuries, there has been an awareness about the daily choices in design and how they impact the people who make them. Our edutainment oriented platform engages people to experience design by doing activity. 


MM-O-DD includes materials resourcing and energy conscience applications. The vibe surrounding MM-O-DD is the interaction between diverse people of all ages, interests and passions in the Design related field and beyond. Dedicated to provide as much programming with ASL interpreters to the Deaf and Hard of hearing community and beyond as we will try to accommodate everyone. Interested in supporting accessibility, please email via the contact page.

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