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Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit is an open platform, constructed by and for local-to-global communities . Currently powered by volunteers, interns and international exchange connections. Those individuals engaged are professionally or have a personal passion in the Design Industry and related fields.  On-going programming and the variety of positions available change and expand periodically. See options below. Feel free to check back regularly.


You can:

  • Test out different industries.

  • Explore different career directions and define areas of interest.

  • Define your career focus.

  • Gain transferable skills and a competitive edge.

  • Put classroom theories and skills into action, learn about professionalism in a workplace, communication, teamwork, time management and networking.

In addition:

  • Employers see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates. They are viewed as a critical pipeline for talent and want to hire interns.

  • 66% of employers state that the two most important qualities they take into consideration for hiring decisions are Relevant Work Experience and Interview Skills ( survey).

  • Employers want to see experience in the new college grads they hire.

  • Internships are viewed by employers as the entry level jobs of today – they are a must-have to be competitive for full-time jobs.

  • 96.9% of responding employers plan to hire interns and/or co-op students in the next year.



Giving an opportunity for shared interests and individual access to an action or process of obtaining or retrieving information.  MM-O-DD aims to partner with a foundation or organization to heighten opportunities for a Fellow to gain professional development and personal aspirations.


Types of Fellowships offered: Museum Studies,  brainworXX Research (Design and Brain Wellness), Research Biomimicry product development and Exhibition, Design/Build.


Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit invites applications for a one-year full-time Fellowship Program with a possibility of an addition year renewal pending administrative and budgetary approval and satisfactory performance. The Fellow must be interested to stay on with MM-O-DD for one-year preceding the Fellowship. The Fellowship is in an interdisciplinary program which spans museum and experiential design studies. The Fellowship position is an integral part of the diverse people needed for the success of MM-O-DD. The Fellow is important frontline and team collaborative person.


The Selection Process

Phase 1. Application: The applicated will have an in-person interview and a written application. 

Criteria: The Fellow must have two-years of experience in Museum Studies or another relevant knowledge and whose interest is in research, practical museum-based skills and specific museum experience in areas of diversity, inclusion, innovative technologies, non-profit development and fundraising. 


Phase 2. On-boarding: the Fellow works with other Council people especially the Strategic Council to a define the participates role, project identification including the projects time-line and budgets. There will be training and preparation depending on the scope of the Fellows experience. The Fellow will be working on project-based programming, individual writing projects with oversite by MM-O-DD leadership for constructive feedback. Workshops

on the Cross-roads of Collaboration and extended rich professional knowledge will be offered.


Phase 3. Off-boarding: The goal is to have an easy transition for another Fellow to have a Ready-manual so MM-O-DD or any future Fellows would be well informed.


Budgetary insight

Each Fellow will be provided the scope of work-load and cost- base that the MM-O-DD and partnering organization will  include but not limited to travel expenses; in-country accommodations and ground transportation; salary; and additional expenses incurred by the nonprofit partner for project management, office space, supplies and other resources. Approximate cost per Fellow = $2K-$5K or for extensive programming $30- 40K

PROGRAMMING: We ask experts in the Design Industry to share their wealth of experience.

CONTENT: Seeking Writers, photographers and collectors to collaborate and develop the digital collections ecosystem.

EVENTS: The variety of community out reach spreads out from local neighborhoods to global connections.

The about page has a rotating list of people who have shared their experiences in the Design Industry.. Each has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to excellence as active members of MM-O-DD. Please note the Leadership Strategic Council has selected the questions.


What would you like to share about yourself to the Design community? How did your volunteer experience impact you? How do you think your volunteer engagement impact others?


Seeking nominations from the community. Contact page available.

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