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Miniature Collection
Some of the earliest miniatures were created by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. They made miniature replicas of boats, animals, furnishings, and even servants. These hand-crafted miniatures were placed in tombs within the pyramids. The collection presented are owned by Leslie Ann Pilling Founder of Metropolitan Museum Of Design Detroit.
Photos by Christian O'Grady 

© Copyright®


Graphic Designer/Photographer  Christian O'Grady curated this collection utilizing MM-O-DD branding


Collection of photographs depict views from standing on the Q-Line public waiting stops in Detroit Michigan.

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Contributions to the Collection

MM-O-DD collects limited acquisitions.

 If you’re interested in donating to the collection these are the need-to-know facts.


Public policy on what we collect

To donate to the permanent collection you must set up an appointment with one of the collections council. This appointment allows the museum to verify all documentation related to a donation including rules in place to prevent MM-O-DD from purchasing and/or displaying looted antiquities or objects. All potential donations are brought to the collections council as we have strict guidelines and are transparent about acquisitions of any antiquities. We align with the mind-shift to allow the public to come to its own decisions about whether or not the museum was properly scrutinizing the available information to avoid stolen heritage. The Collections council decides as a group to accept or not accept donations to the collection.

MM-O-DD has limited archival storage therefore the cost of the housing of and documentation of the collection costs will need to be provided by the donor. We follow the AAM rules that “museums should make available the known ownership history of archaeological material and ancient art in their collections” — regardless of acquisition date. When objects are donated to the MM-O-DD, ownership is legally transferred to the Museum. There is the option of loaning objects and artwork to MM-O-DD for a specific exhibition. To donate, add to or have questions about the MM-O-DD collection, please contact MM-O-DD or more information. 

Guidelines for conducting research in collaboration with MM-O-DD

We welcome researchers to contribute to the MM-O-DD platform. The museum has limited ability to physically collect objects and maintain archival records, yet with technology collections are captured and highlighted on a digital platform. If you are interested in learning more make an appointment with a member of the Collections council. MM-O-DD will accommodate requests as we are able and suggest contacting the archives in advance.

You must receive confirmation of an appointment to be granted access to any archival collateral.

Content submissions

To submit a content collection or create a design show and tell: for a virtual exhibition, submit your work by following the requirements below.

Your welcome to send us: Photos and Images: mages that you are submitting should be a minimum of 800 pixels wide. We prefer high resolution JPEG files, but can also work with TIF and PNG files. and large  photos files: zip file including photographer credits.

Send a text description including the name of your product or project, provide a link to your website. 
How to send the files to us: An easy way to send a large number of files, is to use DropBox by sending us a link. Or you can just send an email to with press releases, etc.

We get submissions periodically, and If you sent it, we probably received it, and if we’re interested in featuring it, you will either hear from us or we will contact you for further information.

Thank you.

 Archived Collection Removed

A Photographers Perspective: by Linda Solomon

Linda Solomon, a nationally recognized, award winning photojournalist and member of the exclusive and prestigious Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame, has divided her career between capturing the most famous personalities of our time and teaching others to express themselves through photography.
Many of the celebrities have pushed the boundaries of Fashion and Accessory Design. This strategic marketing move has made them memorable for generations.
For decades, celebrities have obtained iconic Design aesthetic, which has become part of their notoriety.
Many renown for their couture Fashion ensembles most likely to-be-watched for fashion influence at high-profile events.

Photo by: Linda Solomon

Photo by: Linda Solomon

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